City Academy's Colour Clothing tournament a big hit

Teams from India and Dubai competed alongside young players from Leicestershire and other counties, as well as a side from Liverpool.

Former Pakistan Test player Mudassar Nazar, who brought over a team from the ICC Academy in Dubai, where he works as head coach, predicted up to four of the contest's star performers could go on to play for Leicestershire.

The under-10s category at Leicester Grammar School was won by CCA Steelbacks, while the CCA Rapids triumphed in the under-12s and CCA Sunrisers were the under-14s winners. Liverpool came first in the under-17s.

Don Bhagawati, director of the academy, in Freemen's Common, Leicester, said: "At the CCA, we are dedicated to promoting cricket and are passionate about ensuring players reach their full potential.

"The Colour Clothing tournament is about helping to develop talent."

Karamvir Nanua, 14, from Houghton on the Hill, who was named under-14s player of the tournament, said: "It was a great experience to compete against players from different countries and to find out about their different ways of playing."

Harry Pounds, 14, from Kibworth, twice scored 99 not out to pick up the under-14s best batsman award.

He said: "Hitting the winning runs and getting 60 not out in the final was a great feeling."

Patrick Horne, 11, from Leicester, who picked up the man-of-the-match award in the under-12s play-off, said: "I loved the tournament."

Siddhi Shiva Pagarani, 13, from Dubai, said: "The tournament was really fun. It is different because we played 10 games in five days, it was intense and fun."

Former Pakistan all-rounder, Mudassar, said the real test for any player came out in the middle.

"You can coach them in the nets but the real test comes in the matches, how well they perform under pressure," he said.

"The standard was very good. There were three or four players in this tournament who I think will play for Leicestershire."

Under-10s – Best batsman: Zubin Bandi (119 runs); Most promising batsman: Oliver Dunford; Best bowler: Rajvaden Kandage (15 wickets); Most promising bowler: Saish Diggler; Best fielder: Keshav Sthanakiya; Best wicketkeeper: Aidan Major. Player of the tournament: Shilpesh Gawade (148 runs, 17 wickets); Champagne moment: Arush Buchake (three sixes in last over to win match). Winners: CCA Steelbacks.

Under-12s – Best fielder: Oliver Bunce; Best wicketkeeper: Thomas Haward; Most promising wicketkeeper: Max Beech; Best bowler: Molly Rossiter (15 wickets); Most promising bowler: William Pepper; Best batsman: Ethan La Porta (139 runs); Most promising batsman: Arush Buchake (110 runs); Champagne moment: Zubin Bandi, Thomas Haward, Patrick Horne (hat-trick each); Most promising: Jacob Taylor (111 runs, nine wickets). Winners: CCA Rapids.

Under-14s – Best batsman: Harry Pounds (392 runs); Most promising batsman: Aman Adavani (ICC Dubai); Best bowler: Vandan Shah (20 wickets); Most promising bowler: Josh Moore; Best fielder: Siddhant Agarwal; Champagne moment: Will Legg (hat-trick); Player of the tournament: Karamvir Nanuwa. Winners: CCA Sunrisers.

Under-17s – Best batsman: James Pakora; Most promising batsman: Tanish Vaze; Best bowler: James Robson; Most promising bowler: Amit Gupta; Best fielder: James Finley; Best wicketkeeper: Shankar Bala; Player of the tournament: Priyesh Thakrar; Champagne moment: Rohan Kelkar.