Cricket Tour to KIOC, India – Report

Twelve cricketers recently returned from a Development Tour to Bangalore, India, as part of their pre-season preparation.

We have been running similar tours to India and Dubai for the past few years to give much needed exposure playing in different conditions and on different pitches. The tour also gave an excellent opportunity to experience different culture.

bangalore 3 300x225Along with the youngsters, two professional cricketers from Northamptonshire County Cricket Club – Stephen Peters (the Northants captain) and David Murphy joined the tour.

All the players had the opportunity to play cricket for eight hours a day which included batting sessions against quality local bowlers, video analysis, specialist fielding and fitness. The experience was extremely valuable and youngsters in the touring party showed lots of improvement.

Various guest coaches, mainly former First Class cricketers, were invited to coach the touring party and the highlight was meeting Indian batting legend G.R Vishwanath who took time to speak to the youngsters.

Karnataka Institute of Cricket (KIOC) who hosted the tour, and their Director/head coach Irfan Sait, ensured that the tour was both educational and enjoyable.

The professionals from Northants, in particular Stephen Peters, spoke to the youngsters about what it was like to be aindia koc 300x225 professional cricketer and the dedication required to play at a higher level. Peters said he would be recommending to his Northants team mates that they go on future City Cricket Academy tours as he felt the experience and amount of cricket he had during his time in Bangalore would really help him in the coming season.

The tour wasn’t all about cricket. As part of the wider learning and development for young cricketers that takes place on our tours, we have been fortunate to partner with an orphanage in Bangalore and the young tourists visited the orphanage during this trip. The orphanage does inspiring work with underprivileged children, providing shelter, basic amenities and education. Everyone was touched by the spirit of the kids at the orphanage.

Next cricket development tour will be in October half term to Dubai! Information coming soon..