Scintillating cricket

The brand of cricket played in the semi-finals of the 2015 Cricket World Cup has been scintillating.

What a finish in the New Zealand, South Africa semi. Well played Grant Elliott and how fitting it was that he sent the co-hosts through after sending the penultimate ball sailing into the crowd.

And again more top-class cricket was on display from Australia in the second semi against India, with Steve Smith’s mighty 100 and high-class bowling from Mitchell Starc.

These four nations have taken cricket as a sport to a new level, pushing the boundaries further and further. It’s a faster and more dynamic brand of cricket.

With flexibility, cunning guile and world-class ability, both the hosts have not just peaked at the right time but peaked throughout.

What is sad though, is how far England are behind the pack – light years. It’s evident that they have been left behind. We acted like a test team and played like a test team. That’s fine if you’re paying test match cricket.

It feels like we’ve missed the bus or not even been invited to the party! And what a party, a festival of cricket, where innovation and ingenuity have been showcased at the one day game’s highest level.

Cricket has changed for the better, but England have been left playing catch up.

May the best team win in the final. Whoever wins, cricket has been a winner.